Empowering Innovators in the Solana Ecosystem

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What is Solrocket?

The native token $ROCKET plays a vital role in our ecosystem, fueling transactions, governance, and incentivizing participation. Our transparent and fair tokenomics model ensures a balanced and sustainable platform.

Earn rewards by staking $ROCKET tokens, fostering an engaged and active community.
Participate in the decision-making process with $ROCKET, influencing the future direction of the Solrocket platform.
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Explore the features of our presale

Exclusive Access:Get early access to our project and be among the first to explore groundbreaking features before the public release.

Special Incentives:Participate in the presale to unlock exclusive bonuses, discounts, and incentives not available during the public sale.

Community Privileges:
Presale participants enjoy unique community privileges, gaining a voice in shaping the project's future and exclusive engagement opportunities.

Limited Editions:
Secure rare and limited editions of project assets or tokens reserved exclusively for presale participants, adding value to your early commitment.

Explore the presale features and join us on the forefront of innovation!"


Token creator tool

The Token Creator Tool simplifies the process, enabling you to bring your vision to life on the Solana blockchain. Dive into the world of decentralized possibilities and craft your tokens with ease using Solrocket's Token Creator Tool.


Liquidity locker

Safeguard your project's liquidity with Solrocket's Liquidity Locker. A robust and secure solution designed to protect and manage liquidity, ensuring a stable and trustworthy environment. Lock tokens seamlessly, establish trust within your community, and fortify your project against market volatility. With Solrocket's Liquidity Locker, you're in control, confidently building the foundation for a resilient and successful decentralized journey.



$ROCKET token is our official native token for Solrocket ecosystem.

  • Token Name: Rocket
  • Token Symbol: ROCKET
  • Total Supply: 1 Billion
  • Token Type: Token2022
  • Buy Tax: 4% I 2 % development- 2% marketing
  • Sell Tax: 4% I  2 % development- 2% marketing


$ROCKET token is our official native token for Solrocket ecosystem.

  • Token Name: Rocket
  • Token Symbol: ROCKET
  • Total Supply: 1 Billion
  • Token Type: Token2022
  • Buy Tax: 4% I 2 % development- 2% marketing
  • Sell Tax: 4% I  2 % development- 2% marketing


Explore the Solrocket roadmap—a strategic guide from launch to continuous growth, shaping the future of Solana innovation.

Phase 1
Utilities and Initial Growth
  • SOL Tools (LIVE)
  • Launchpad Testing
  • Launchpad v1 LIVE
  • Socials Verification
  • Prelaunch Marketing
  • Community building
Phase 2
Token Launch and Partnerships
  • Forge SOL Partnerships
  • $ROCKET Token Launch
  • Forge SOL Partnerships
  • Solana Validator Launch
  • Strategic Marketing Campaign
  • Implementation of $SOL Staking (Revenue Sharing Protocol)
  • Listings on CoinMarketCap (CMC) and CoinGecko (CG
Phase 3
Hosting Launches
  • Community expansion
  • NFT Launch support
  • Global Marketing
  • Hosting Top SOL project Launches
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • SOL Integrations
  • Solrocket Data API
Phase 4
  • Solana Tools V2
  • Launchpad V2
  • Solana Node Suite (Solrocket Node panel)
  • New DEX & CEX listing
  • Solrocket Incubator
  • Solrocket DAO
Phase 5
Coming Soon.

Navigate the Future with Our Suite of Tools

Solrocket set of cutting-edge tools meticulously crafted for your Solana journey.


Sol Sender

Sol Sender efficiently sends SOL to multiple wallets in a single low-fee transaction, perfect for airdrops, rewards, community perks, and more.


SPL Airdropper

A budget-friendly tool to efficiently distribute custom SPL tokens to multiple wallets in one transaction for under $1. Easily allocate 30-80% of new tokens with just two transactions: creating accounts and sending SPL tokens.


Token and NFT Burner

Burn SPL or NFT tokens to reclaim a $1-5 rent fee, helping clean your wallet by eliminating unnecessary assets or reducing the total supply.


LP Burner

This tool allows you to burn Radiym LP pool, which indirectly closes the LP account data. This helps prevent rug pulls.


Liquidity Locker

Solrocket Locker offers two options: locking LP and locking tokens on a vesting schedule with a cliff. You can withdraw tokens periodically, and you have the option to burn the locks or transfer them to a new owner.


Token Minter (Launcher)

Token Minter creates a new SPL token that is airdropped to the deployer's wallet. You can update the token's metadata using the Metadata Editor.


Metadata Editor

This tool assists you in adding metadata to your SPL token created using the Token Minter. You can add details like the token logo, name, and symbol.



The Solana Faucet helps you acquire Development SOL for your wallet address. With this SOL, you can test our launchpad and perform many activities like testing protocols, etc.


Vanity Adress Generator

This tool creates custom addresses such as "degen2d3h238dh29
8d2d0h3820d2d2j8," "moonboy123edh923
d89j23dj232d23dreg," and other vanity addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions


What services does Solrocket offer for Solana projects?

Solrocket provides a comprehensive suite of services, including private, whitelist, and public sales for Solana projects. Our platform acts as a launchpad, offering essential tools such as token creation, NFT management, burning mechanisms, APIs, and more.


How does Solrocket support tokenomics and project development?

Solrocket is designed as a Swiss Army knife kit for Solana, encompassing burning mechanisms, token tools, and NFT tools. These features empower projects to implement effective tokenomics, control token supply, and explore the dynamic world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


What role do Solana nodes play in the Solrocket platform?

Solrocket hosts Solana nodes, ensuring a robust and reliable infrastructure for your project. By leveraging Solana nodes, our platform enhances the efficiency and performance of operations on the Solana blockchain, contributing to a seamless experience for users.


How can developers integrate Solrocket's tools into their projects?

Integrating Solrocket into your project is straightforward. We provide APIs that allow developers to seamlessly incorporate our suite of tools. Whether you're looking to facilitate token creation, manage NFTs, or implement burning mechanisms, our APIs make it easy to harness the power of Solrocket for your Solana-based project.

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